Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Post Script to Amsterdam Recap

I am often accused of being a beer snob, a charge to which I proudly plead guilty. I have several terms for beer that I deem, shall we say, less than quality. Notable among them are "swill", "piss", and "water". Perhaps my favorite derogatory term is "ghetto beer", which is reserved for beer that people think is quality but is really just bad beer with a fancy - or foreign - name. One such beer is Grolsch Beer from Germany. I don't understand why people think this is a good beer, other than that it has a German name so it must be good.

On Saturday, while Bill and I were enjoying our beer - me with my Bruges Tripel and Bill with his Caffrey's English Ale - I noticed that they had Grolsch on tap. I made a comment to Bill about Grolsch being a "ghetto beer" and we had a chuckle.

So imagine how amazingly humorous it was for me to come across this sign as we were walking between bars that evening:



Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...


Grolsch is Dutch not German, try googling it. But don't worry, the Dutch don't easily get pissed, they have thick hides!

Wayne said...

Its Dutch Rik!

Rik said...

OK, OK, I'm sorry...

But it still sucks.


Michael said...

you know what other beer is "ghetto beer" as well? HEINEKEN! Can't imagine why anyone would wanna drink a bottle of that bathtub-water

Hmm is it a coincidence that it's a dutch beer as well!?

- Michael

Rik said...

MIKE - Here's how I stand on Heineken; It's drinkable if there's absolutely nothing else, but overall it taste terrible. It has a reputation in the US as a great beer due to years and years of smart marketing as a "premium import" Dutch beer.


The Heineken in Amsterdam actually tastes good. I guess because it's fresher and straight off the tap. But I enjoy drinking it occasionally in Amsterdam. Anywhere else, it's ghetto beer to be sure.


Michael said...


Rik said...

Ah, Guinness...the nectar of the Gods...