Friday, May 06, 2005

"Do You Know What They Put on French Fries in Holland Instead of Ketchup?"

In a matter of hours, I shall board a plane in Venice that will whisk me away to the magical city of Amsterdam. Don't try to talk me out of it, I've already got my ticket. I'll be meeting up with several friends there and we will proceed to make fools out of ourselves, if only for a night or two. Drinks will be shared, laughs will be had, and french fries covered in mayonnaise will be consumed.

The last time I was in Amsterdam was for the millennium celebration where we partied crazy because we all thought the world would end due to the Y2K thing. Boy were we gypped. So I'm looking forward to going back. This will be my third trip to Amsterdam and it promises to be a good time since this time I'll be accompanied by some locals who know the city well.

Check back in Monday for some pictures and a recap...



dizzysatch said...

If you're having a Royale with Cheese with that, Zed will come back from the dead and haunt you.

Have a blast, guys! I'm waiting for the pics.

Rik said...

DIZ - As long as Zed doesn't bring the Gimp, we'll be fine.

Wish you guys were going, but maybe next time. I'll drink one for ya...


Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

The Dutch don't know anything about Ketchup. MAYO is it!

Weather is still a bit cold so don't leave your jacket!

See ya! The beers are waiting for ya.

Rik said...

DP - I don't need no stinking jacket, I'm hot stuff!


Ed Abbey said...

As you probably know, the Filipinos have catsup made from bananas but I believe it is Canada where they serve gravy over their french fries. Never heard of the mayo thing but it just doesn't sound right. Gravy sounds more right than mayo. As an American living overseas, do you hear anything about "Freedom Fries?" Maybe only the French would understand.

Rik said...

ED - In Montreal, we used t oeat something called "poutine", which is french fries covered with cheese curds and gravy. It's good stuff. I used to think may oon fries sounded disgusting until I went to Belgium and Holland back in '99. I like to try local stuff when I travel, so I did and was instantly hooked. Now I can't eat fries with anythnig but mayonnaise.
Freedom Fries, that was kind of stupid. The funniest joke I heard about it was: What's next, a "freedom tickler"? I laughed my ass off. And did you know that prior to WWI, French Toast was known as German Toast? Anti-German sentiment forced the change. True story, you can look it up.


kitty said...

Going to Amsterdam for the fries? I checked out the city and here is what I found:

Anonymous said...

French fries with malt vinegar are very popular in England and parts of Canada. But I've been eating fries with mayo for a long time - and have never been to Holland. As long as you put a really generous grind of black pepper in the mayo, you've got a major yum thing going on!

Blue cheese or roquefort dressing is also good on fries.

Travel safely Rik and return to us soon.


Anonymous said...

Rik dude! did the penisauce give you any trouble after we left? ;)

anyway, can you DL zip files wherever it is you want to check out the starwars trailers? let me know man.. drop me a line @ michael[at]

- michael