Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pictures of the X Man's Birthday Party

We had a small party for the X Man last night complete with a soccer player cake. We had the neighbors and the landlady over for cake, prosecco, and presents. The X Man is quite the attention whore and was about as happy and playful as I've ever seen him. Giampietro and Monica are very familiar with his usual antics, but Marissa and Paolo have never spent any amount of time with him and were just floored by how smart, funny, and cute he is.

Yep, he takes after me alright...

Click here to see the birthday party pictures


1 comment:

Ed Abbey said...

I really like the last picture from the party that shows both your guest couples and yourself staring off at something to the camera left and X-man is staring right at the camera.

Yes the X-man is a smart one. My theory about the success of X-man's mental abilities probably stems from the amount of attention given to him by yourself and your wife.