Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Wrap up

Christmas was all about the X Man this year. His birthday a couple weeks ago was a good primer for him; by the time Christmas morning came, he knew full well what the strange-looking colorful packages under the tree were for. I decided to adopt my mother's tradition and let the X Man open one gift on Christmas Eve. He was thrilled to see a huge robot ("Oh...ROBOT! ROBOT!") that made sounds and actually walked - that is, until he actually saw it in action, which scared the heck out of him.

The next morning I was up at the crack of dawn as usual but had to wait a few hours for the wife and kid. Far cry from when Eric and I were kids and used to sleep next to the tree in our sleeping bags. But eventually I got tired of waiting and woke the X Man up. He made a beeline for the tree yelling "Toys! Toys!". With each new gift his excitement grew and eventually he was actually squealing with delight.

He got quite a haul; plenty of toys, a new soccer ball and orange cones (ok, that one was for me too...), and a new bank which kept hm busy for a long time. He's fascinated by putting money in his new bank.

The neighbors had invited us over for a special Christmas lunch so we headed upstairs. Eating upstairs is always a big affair and Christmas was no exception. Agnese made pasticcio (lasagna), pollo al forno (baked chicken), carciofi (artichokes), radicchio con panchetta (special radicchio from Treviso, best in Italy, with shaved pork),and polenta. And of course, Giampietro secured a special bottle of vino for the occasion - an aged Refola from Valpolicella. They also got the X Man another toy car ("AUTO!")

The meal was unbelievable but the X Man was so excited with all his new toys that he wouldn't eat a single bite. All he wanted to do was play.

So another Christmas is in the books. The encouraging thing is that although the X Man got a lot of toys, several of them were educational toys and those were the ones he liked the most. I also caught him kicking his new soccer ball around the living room last night. Very encouraging indeed...

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LorelieLong said...

lmao! I got my littlest kiddo those leap frog fridge letters X-man is playing with in that picture! Both my boys love them.

I know I don't comment on here often but rest assured I check in now and then. :)

btw, do you know any Indian restaurants around here? I would really appreciate it if you could drop me a line, either at my blog or by email.