Friday, December 09, 2005


Well, one of my worst fears became reality last night - my laptop crashed. The wife was watching her online Filipino channel for an hour or so, then I asked her to turn it off so I could call my sister on Skype. When I called, I could hear the other end but they could not hear me so I figured I'd just reboot the computer. I hit restart, it turned off and never came back on. For some reason, when you hit the power button, the light comes on and you can hear it try to start up for about a second or two, then it shuts down.

I don't know if we got hit with some kind of virus or worm or something, but whatever it is, the computer will not power up. So we're screwed. I'm taking it the PX to try and get it repaired but based on my dealings with them I have little hope that I will be able to get this matter resolved in a timely, painless, and inexpensive manner.

So we're back to the dark ages of no internet. No sports scores, no news, no email, nothing. I forget what life was even like before we went online at home. Unfortunately I'm about to be reminded...

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