Friday, July 08, 2005

Where Are They?

After yesterday’s bombings in London, I’m left with this question in my mind:

“Where are all the protestors?”

Where are the ubiquitous protestors who rail against every alleged act of aggression by the US and the UK, who protest, blaming the US and UK for killing innocent women and children? Where are they? Where were they after September 11? And the bombing in Madrid last year?

Why are they so silent? Why aren’t they protesting against Al Quaeda? Why aren’t they holding rallies around the world at this moment with signs reading “Stop Terrorism!” and posters of Osama Bin Laden with horns drawn on his head like a devil? Why aren’t they spewing their vitriol against the terrorists who find it so easy to kill innocent civilians?

I’ve always found it ironic that in countries where the populace are free to hold protests, the only thing they ever protest against are the very governments that afford them that right.

I wonder why that is?



Michael said...

It could be because they feel they've no influence on what happens outside of their country (their "sphere of control"). Terrorists are "people" who can't easily be pointed out in a crowd, you can't really do anything about them. Unlike the government which is always in the same place of power with the same kind of people...

And it's easier to protest against your own government because there's a feeling there you might actually change something by bitchin' and moaning. Protesting against Osama Bin Laden isn't going to do much since he has no obligation to anyone, unlike presidents.. Noone chose for OBL to be what he is, a president is...

However, I totally agree with you that it's rather odd that all those hardcore activist people remain silent when something like yesterday happens ... some of those fulltime protestors relaly need to get a life...

Rik said...

Micahel - Your point is very well taken. However, what of the protestors outside the US and UK, of which there are many? They can't effect change in those countries, yet they protest vehemently. And, as I say, NEVER against terrorists like AQ, only against other Western countries.

My point is, one of the reasons that the whole world seems united in their hatred of America is that countries all over the world protest everything they do and eventually other countries start adopting that view because they constantly see this on TV. If all these same people would be just as vocal in their hatred of AQ and all the terrorist attacks, maybe the rest of the world will turn against them and make it harder for them to operate.

Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

I know what you mean Rik and I think I know who you are pertaining to.

Although its just yesterday, we have to give a few days benefit of the doubt. Some of these activisits/protestors are probably reeling in shock, or let's say members of the denial club since the Al-Qaeda claims are still being investigated for authenticity.

It will probably take a few days for the Londoners to get on the rah rah against terrorism act since the immediate priority is to clear up the bodies (they are still busy taking the bodies out as of this morning), safety if in case there is another attack, and to go back to work so the economy will not be heavily affected. Shares went down yesterday, of course.

Also, the focus is divided and so are emotions: Live8, winning the 2012 games, G8 summit, then the bombs. Too much hysteria the past few days and many I guess are not just in shock but are probably numb and trying to understand the scale of the continuous events. Remember northern Europeans are less emotional compared to the southern Europeans and Americans. The London mayor was also in Singapore for the 2012 games bid and is due to be in London today.

I can understand that the English will not easily point their fingers to the obvious Al-Qaeda. Many would prefer to have an official statement claiming it was them that did the atrocities.

But really, Chirac and Shroeder (especially Chirac) didn't make the reaction headlines. Howard even made it and he is far down there under.

Ed Abbey said...

Protestors normally protest when they are the minority or in a closely matched decision. In the case of terrorism and Osama Bin Laden, you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the world that is for either one. Hence, because the protestors are in the vast majority, there is really no reason to protest.

Ironically, I personally feel that all these protestors on the news protesting against everything Bush does are helping to improve the image of America in the light of other countries. The Cowboy from Texas we call President hasn't been a great uniter when it comes to world peace and I think when people of other nations see the American protestors on television, they realize that not all, (in fact most according to the latest polls) of us don't agree with the direction he is leading our country.

I can't remember a president, republican or democrat, who in my lifetime, dramatically improved relations between countries and created a national friendship like what we used to have with France. I mean they thought us such friends at one point they built us the Statue of Liberty and now we are taking to renaming our fries to spite them! Do we really have any true allies anymore?

Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

This new development is not yet released with the major international news (as of this time that I am posting), only with local papers (even here in NL!), that the perpetrators seems to be local British radical kids. It did not point out whether these kids were of muslim origin and if they have ties to Al-Qaeda.

Blog ho said...

interesting question. it does certainly (it=bombing) cement facts squarly into place.

schatzli said...

ive recovered from my shock spent my afternoon dialing all my friends nos. they are all fine.

WHERE ARE THEY? they are reeling in shock.

Hopefully they will all unite and rally against TERRORISM!

My sister said it was ODD to go to work today no one can concentrate...she left early...whats the point she said!