Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Two bands I just don't...get.

I don't understand the popularity of Coldplay and The Dave Matthew Band. I've listened to both and I just don't hear anything appealing from either of them.

OK, I'll admit that when Coldplay first came out, I loved - and still love - the song "Yellow". But every single song since then I've hated. I find their music at best, boring and at worst, depressing. But for some reason, liking Coldplay has sort of become the trendy "in" thing now. I just don't get it.

The Dave Matthew Band has been extremely popular for several years now. A while back I even bought one of their CDs thinking it must be good as everyone goes nuts over them. I hated it. Most of their music makes me cringe. So again, like Coldplay, I can't figure out why everyone goes crazy over them, except perhaps that it's just "cool" to be a fan?

OK, OK, I know I probably pissed a lot of people off with this post. So feel free to let me have it. But I still don't like either of them.



Michael said...

As far as coldplay goes, i totally agree, it's friggin' depressing.. the guy's voice sucks, and the music is at best boring.

Dave Matthews on the other hand i totally love.. it's the music probably that does it.. seen him live a couple of times and it totally rocks..

But nowadays Depri-Rock or however you want to call it is in.. there are so many bands with "that" sound..

Ed Abbey said...

Coldplay who? Dave Matthews doesn't do it for me either. Will we ever see a group like the likes of the Eagles, Rolling Stones, etc.? Seems to me like most of today's musical groups are just fodder for future MTV Where Are They Now shows...

Blog ho said...

dmb..the older stuff...is good. the last 3 or 4 cds blow, though. maybe just the last 2.

coldplay is ok. took me awhile to get into them.

Mrs Frivolity said...

Coldplay is a chick band, Rik.