Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Passion of the Thib

The other day I heard someone talking about how he had a passion for something. I don't remember exactly what it was, but it got me to thinking. To be passionate about something means more than just having a casual interest. Then I started thinking about things that I'm passionate about. The obvious is of course family and God. Those go without saying. But what else? What are the things in my life that I'm passionate about?

I think it would probably be the following:

1) My country. Whatever faults it may or may not have, everything that I have and enjoy is because I was fortunate to be born in such a free and modern country with endless opportunities. No matter where I am in this world, I'll always be an American and I'll always be proud of that fact.

2) Traveling. Seeing other places and experiencing other cultures.

3) My favorite pro sports teams from back home - Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins & Celtics.

4) Fly Fishing. More than just my favorite hobby. I could spend hours at a time on a river and never get bored or tired.

5) Beer. Not just drinking it, but discovering new styles and enjoying beer of the highest quality.

6) Soccer (Football). Been playing and following the game most of my life.

7) Wine. A relatively new interest, but something I have developed quite a passion for. Of course living in Italy, how could I not have?

How about you? What are you passionate about?



Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...


Somehow out of the blue I already knew your top 3 even without reading this entry!

My passion would be, not in particular order...

My independence (i also like financial independence)
My privacy (real life not internet)
My right and freedom of expression
The dutchman

Ed Abbey said...

Two out of seven of your passionate things are related to alcohol and two out of seven are sports so almost 60% of your passions relate to alcohol and sports. Now that is getting your priorties straight.

Besides the obvious, one of my passions is to write, something that I recently rediscovered with the advent of the blog.

Rik said...

DP - I probably could have guessed at least 3 of yours too. The Dutchman rocks.

Ed - Wow, good job of making me look like a shallow hedonist.

In my defense, I think you're misinterpreting my love of good beer and fine wine. I'm not talking about sitting around pounding a six pack of Budweiser or a cheap bottle of Blue Nun. I'm talking about savoring the first malty sip of a Bruges Tripel from Belgium or feeling the weight and body of a robust 2000 vintage Barolo or a simple Pinot Bianco matched with some aged Grana Padano.

As far as the sports, yeah, I guess I'm just a red blooded American male...


Anonymous said...

I concurr with most of your passions, especially the love of country, fine beer and wine. Sports are an important part of American culture, so I feel you are not being a "shallow hedonist" when you speak of such things. You seem to have your priorites in order in my book; and seem very educated about a lot of different topics, not just things related to alcohol and sports. Anyone who follows your blog knows that...

Ed Abbey said...

Sorry, just couldn't resist a jab. ;)

kitty said...

God, family, country for sure.
You can keep the beer :)

Writing is my passion.

Ara said...

Oh yah, I should've guess at least 4-5 of your passions and but you didn't include the two I thought you are into; cinemas and raps (maybe, they are just past times?)
I have a passion for:
1.freedom (to be able to do what I want and to go where I'd prefer without fear of anything, in other words to enjoy life)
2.finding the job I so enjoy doing in Seychelles, Bali and Egypt
5.for my Pet (I supposed)
7.I, me and myself but and I'm not a self-centered person!
8.the ocean (anything to do with the ocean)
9.our home (future home in the countryside-been designing it in my mind)