Monday, July 11, 2005

Bassano dal Grappa

There's a little town about 15-20 minutes away from us called Bassano dal Grappa. It's not very famous outside of Italy so it's sort of a hidden gem. There's not a lot to do there except to admire the beautiful scenery and perfect juxtaposition of man and nature coexisting so close together. It lies right at the base of Monte Grappa (hence the name) and the Brenta River flows right through the center. Its most famous landmark is the Ponte degli Alpini, the wooden bridge that joins the two sides of the town. Look down from the bridge and you can see giant rainbow trout lazing around, rising for the occasional fly.

Bassano is also famous for Grappa, the distilled spirit otherwise known as firewater. Although it's produced all over northern Italy, Bassano is the birthplace and unofficial home of the drink.

Bassano is one of our favorite little daytrips. Often we'll jump in Old Triple 7 and drive up just to relax, enjoy the view, and have a panini and gelato. We did so yesterday and it was a nice day all around. Very sunny, a clear day to enjoy the view, and the X Man even learned how to say "fish" as he excitedly pointed towards the water everytime a trout would rise. To see some photos from yesterday, click the link below:

Bassano dal Grappa Photos



schatzli said...

am scrambling for my Italian map to locate Bassano.

WE ran out of grappa but can get by with our kirsch at the moment.

great photos!

Blog ho said...

you should move there.

Ara said...

I wish there's a part of England with that view!