Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rik's Birthday Photos

It was brought to my attention yesterday that I hadn't posted the birthday photos I'd promised last week. So here are a few...

One of the two bottles of 2000 Barolo I bought for the occasion

Giampietro decants the wine. This allows it to breathe better.

Giampi and I toast my turning 34.

And then Virginia and I do the same.

The X Man tries to get in on the Barolo.

Agnese, Me, Giampietro.

For dinner, we had some tasty steaks, salad fresh from our garden, and Agnese's special zuppa di verdure (vegetable soup). After the meal, Giampietro broke out the cheese - Asiago, Grana Padano, and formaggio di capra (hard cheese made with goat's milk, very tasty). It was a delicious way to celebrate my birthday. The highlight was definitely the wine - the 2000 Barolos are peaking right this year...



Michael said...

Looks like you had a good time there bud. I know I could use a glass of Barolo right about now :D

Gotta love the Italian food and wine!

Hmm after our December/January tour of the Philippines I think it's time to plan a little trip to Bella Italia first! :D

Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

I don't have the Barolos but I do have the Frizzante and Spumante, cheaper ones haha. I usually buy different wines every weekend.

34 is a great age for a man Rik (yeah been there at 34 hehe, darn I still can't believe I am older!) and I am sure you know it. You have a loving wife, a cute son, a good career, traveling, and living in one of the beautiful countries which by the way I am sure your friends must have envied you. To put it simply, you are enjoying and living life. Good job!

In August I am turning 3 years in NL, in fact a milestone since I will become a Dutch citizen and that means the Dutchman does not anymore have a hold on me. He is actually thinking of asking the IND (Dutch Immigration Office) to hold my citizenship so he can have the so-called CONTROL, haha. Other than that, August is also our 5th year anniversary of being together. I am not yet decided where we will go but I have 3 countries to choose: Germany (Berlin), somewhere in France (not Paris), or Italy (Venice). I hope it would be the latter...

Rik said...

Mike - We'll leave the light on for ya

DP - The Dutchman knows a good thing when he's got it, don't worry. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. Maybe I can arrange for some parmeggiano to be sent your way. And if you come to Venice, well, I'm sure you guys'll let me know. Be assured I will introduce you to some good wine. None of that frizzante/spumante crap...


Ara said...

Lovely V and cute X! Oh yes, good-looking 34 yo man! Hey Rik, please let V knows I would like to email her. Oh, I would definitely love to try that wine. What I got at the moment is:Indicazione Geografica Tipica,hmm I refer the other one I got last Sturday under 'DOC' classification.Your previous entry about wines is useful actually.

schatzli said...

Rik has a fine taste BAROLO wot wot!!!

I know the price Mr Rik
email me yr snail mail addy I can send you something at least!