Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Venice Pictures Posted!

At Kitty's behest, I've decided to post the pics from my "post-pub crawl morning after" foray around Venice. To view them, go here:

Post Pub Crawl Venice Photos



kitty said...

They're FABULOUS! The b&w's remind me of Felini's films.

Rik said...

Yeah, I got game with a camera.


kitty said...

I linked you on LifelikePundits:

and used a thumbnail of one of your Venice shots!

DL said...

Now I am calling you "bitch" for making me drool. he he he Love those photos.

Ara said...

Fantastic place, great shots!

Will you be around Italy on the first week of May?

Rik said...

Ara, I should be. Just found out that I might be going to Germany for work the first weekend and returning on May 3rd (Tuesday). Then I leave Friday for Amsterdam with the crew.


Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

Beautiful pictures of Venice. The gondola rides are a rip off right? They cost, how much, EUR100???