Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rik's Blog, 80's Edition: Forever Young

Let's start things off right - this is the song that ignited my 80's nostalgia kick. A few weeks ago I watched a movie called "The Lather Effect". I was keen to watch it as it is about a bunch of people who graduated high school in 1988 (I was class of 1989) and takes place present day, they are having sort of a reunion weekend, so I anticipated a lot of 80's memories. I was disappointed in the movie but there's a moment near the end when the lead female character is on her bed looking at her old photos and memories from high school and as she does so, the song "Forever Young" by the obscure band Alphaville is quietly playing in the background. Well, I gotta tell you, I have not heard that song in forever and as I heard it I was instantly whisked back to the 80's. I quickly found the video on Youtube and have watched it constantly for the past week or two (much to the wife's chagrin). It has been quite a while since a song struck such an 80's chord with me but I've listened to this song about 500 times in the past few weeks and each time old memories of high school come rushing back.

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Anonymous said...

rik, why don't i remember this song? Steve-O