Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rik's Blog, 80's Edition: Boston Bands

One thing I remember about the 80's was a couple local bands: Jon Butcher Axis and The Stompers. As far as I know, neither of them hit it big outside Boston and pretty much made a living playing clubs in and around the Boston area. I listened mostly to rock stations back then and their shows were always being advertised. Occasionally they would have a hit that would get a lot of airplay on the radio. JBA in particular I really liked as he was a his songs had a lot of energy and blazing guitars. My favorite song of his was called "Don't Say Goodnight" and I recently found it on Youtube, although it's actually just a homemade video that someone posted but the song sounds as good as ever:

The Stompers were also a local institution in Boston. They had a little more commercial success than JBA did but were still pretty much resigned to local clubs and venues. One thing I remember about the Stompers is that they had a couple videos that got a lot of airplay on Boston's local video channel called V66 (People who grew up around Boston in the 80's will remember V66!) Their biggest hit was called "Never Tell an Angel" and it's extremely catchy. They have a live version of it on Youtube but you can hear the actual version on, of places, their Myspace page:

The Stompers Myspace

I remember 'em like it was yesterday...

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eric said...

Speaking of great 80's bands, let's not forget JFA....Jodie Foster's Army