Monday, June 13, 2005



I have been blogging with you for some time now. A friend recommended Blogger as a good choice to blog with and I took her advice.

After a month or so, I began to have problems with Often I would author an entry and when I clicked on "Publish Post", it would take a while, then lose connection, and I would lose my entire post. This was unbelievably maddening, as I had spent a fair amount of time and cranial energy crafting my words in such a way so as to keep my audience entertained enough to want to visit regularly. Even more maddening were the times when I would try to "Save as Draft" to avoid this problem and it would occur in the middle of saving, costing me yet another entry. After suffering from this injustice a second time, I got smart (I'm a slow learner you see) and starting authoring my entries on Microsoft Word, then pasting them into my blog. This ensured that my literary efforts were never in vain, as I always had a saved copy on my computer desktop to refer to as a backup in the event that I continue to encounter problems with Blogger.

I was relieved to see that Blogger eventually added a "Recover Post" option, thinking that in the event that I lost my post, I could simply click the "Recover Post" button and my post would be magically, well, recovered.

For some strange reason when writing my entry this morning, I eschewed my normal modus operandi and authored my post directly into my Blogger account. I spent an inordinate amount of time and energy writing, previewing, and rewriting said entry. At the risk of sounding immodest, I hasten to point out that it was one of my better entries, filled with witty anecdotes, clever word plays, and more than a few thoughtful insights. I could not contain my glee as I contentedly clicked the "Publish Post" button, eager to share this post with my adoring public. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what happened next, as you can no doubt deduce from the tone and previous content of this message what happened to the latest edition of my blogging efforts. Alas, it went the way of the Dodo. It is now in cyber-purgatory, never to be heard from again. I even tried the "Recover Post" button, but to no avail. Nothing.

It would be impossible to recreate such a masterpiece of blogging literature from what little resides in my brain. And so, rather than make a feeble attempt at such, I decided that I would instead conjure up whatever creativity remains in the recesses of my mind for the purposes of telling you the following:

You Suck.

Warmest Regards,

Rik Thibodeau


Ed Abbey said...

I'm a copy and paste man myself. I even copy all my entries at the end of the month and save them on my computer in case the whole kit and kaboodle bites it some day.

Michael said...

Exactly the reason why I made everything on myself.. I like to have 100% control over everything that happens.. eventhough it'd be easier to just Download some free blogging engine and slap it on the webserver...

ah well.. what else would you expect from a web-application programmer?!

eThib said...

After you type it all, highlight it and copy it. Then, if (when) you lose everything, you've got it right @ your fingertips. Just open a new dialogue box, paste, and try again.

Rik said...

As I mentioned in the message, I usually do copy and paste everything to avoid just such a happening. Just so happens that I got stupid this morning and the one time I didn't do it, I got burned by freaking Blogger AGAIN. If I didn't have so many archived entries, I'd switch to a new blog host. As it is, I just don't have the time to dick around too much so I'm stuck like Chuck.


Michael said...

That sucks then, however copy pasting entries into a new blog engine doesn't take that long ;) it's the comments that'll really get to ya....

but can i offer you some penisauce to make you feel a little better? :D

Gia said...

wordpress loyalist here. told ya so!! your webserver hardly ever has any downtime right?