Monday, June 27, 2005

Bella Italia: A Lighter Look

Translation: "Please excuse me but I only have 5 points remaining on my license, I must obey the speed limit"

Don't give up without a fight!


Decisions, decisions...


Ara said...

What's the last signpost? My navigation skill when in Italy is totally useless!

schatzli said...

ah driving in Italy make sure you possess the best insurance...parking is so bad, people are very impatient... and worst you cant have much choice with the public transport, I cant stand some of the Italian trains!!!

just came back from France the french are worst! hahahah

Rik said...

Scha - Yeah, I hate the French drivers here, they don't know how to drive in Italy. And driving in France is the wrost - there's a toll every 2 kilometers!


Michael said...

wahahah yeah now i remember those signs!! I was dumb enough not to make any pictures of those when i was touring through Italy =(

It's a great country none the less ;)