Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back from Germany.

Had a great weekend up in Germany. I was able to go up a day early and spend a few days with Steve-O before my appointment in Karlsruhe. I had never seen Karlsruhe before and I was pretty impressed with it. There's not really any touristy things to see except the Scloss (palace) but it's got a lot of energy. Steve-O is very lucky to live where he does.

The MRI at Landstuhl went fine but I won't get the results for "48-72 hours" so hopefully I'll know within the next couple days what the hell is wrong with me. I am anxious to start my kettlebell workouts again. I bought a nice treadmill a couple weeks ago and I've been running up to 30 minutes on it but the kettlebells are what really do it for me.

The drive back was great. No matter how many times I drive through the Alps they never disappoint me. My only disappointment is that I wish someone else could drive so I could spend the entire trip marveling at them instead of having to watch the road. I had considered staying in Innsbruck on my way home as I love that city, it's so much fun but opted instead for our usual halfway point of Heiterwang. It's a tiny little town in Austria that has nothing to do but sit out on the balcony and admire the mountains, which I did while reading a book and enjoying a crisp Austrian pils (or three...). Austria really is a fantastic country, one of my favorites. And then you go through the Brenner Pass and the drive through the very northern part of Italy is just as beautiful, maybe even more so. Growing up in New Hampshire, the White Mountains were a huge part of my life; living in Italy and Germany, the Alps have become just as big.

So now it's back to the grind. We had to cancel our usual 4th of July pilgrimage to Cinque Terra because of my MRI thing so we weren't able to enjoy a nice vacation this year. I may try to take a few days leave in August or September so we can go somewhere. I really need a vacation. I hate my job.

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