Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5 Things That Might Surprise You to Know About Me

1. I don't own an iPOD.

2. I have never in my life been to a strip club. Seriously. I've never even had any interest in going either, I don't see the point in throwing away all kinds of money to see a girl dance naked when I can see the same thing in a magazine for 5 bucks or on late night Italian tv for free.

3. I have a weird attraction to airports and train stations. I love being in them and seeing all the people from different places going to who-knows-where. I guess it just appeals to the travel fiend in me. Every once in a great while I go to the Vicenza train station and have a panini or pizza for lunch just as an excuse to go to the train station. And I jump at the chance to give people rides to the airport or pick them up. The Venice airport is one of my favorite places.

4. I can make my pecs dance. After all those hours in the gym, this is what I am left with.

5. I have no interest in doing the one thing I might be best at. For years people have been telling me that I should have been a travel writer. And you know, I probably would have been a good one. But I've always thought that if it were a job and something I had to actually work at, I wouldn't enjoy it anymore. The idea has always intrigued me though. After all, I love to travel and I love to write.

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