Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The funniest things I've ever overheard.

Welcome to another edition of "The Funniest Things I've Ever Overheard"...

I've often felt that today's youth are way too absorbed with video games, to the point where it's distorting their ability to deal with reality. Never was this more perfectly illustrated than one day in my College history class.

It was a few days before the Superbowl. The teams involved were the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills. The Cowboys were heavily favored as I recall and their best player was running back Emmit Smith. He had torn up the NFL that year and was widely regarded as the best running back in the league.

So there I was, sitting in my history class waiting for it start as the rest of the students shuffled in. There were 2 underclassmen who were engaged in a heated arguement over who would win the Superbowl. One of them went on and on about how the Cowboys would win easily because nobody could stop Emmit Smith. The other guy responded that the Bills would stop Emmitt Smith. The conversation got heated and ended with one of the funniest things I've ever overheard:

Dude 1: Buffalo is gonna get killed! Nobody can stop Emmitt Smith!

Dude 2: Buffalo can stop Emmitt Smith!

Dude 1: You're crazy, nobody has been able to stop him all year! How the hell is Buffalo gonna do it?!

Dude 2: Easy, they'll use a 3-4 defense!

Dude 1: HA HA! You can't stop Emmitt Smith with a 3-4!!!

Dude 2: Yes you can! I do it on Madden all the time!

One of the funniest things I've ever overheard in my life.


eThib said...

Had to comment on this one. Perhaps the funniest thing I ever overheard was the time I was in line at the KMart in Baltimore. The woman in front of me was paying, and was having a conversation with the clerk.I was next in line to pay, and was in my own little world. I tuned into the conversation just in time to hear the customer say "Oh, my kids know when it's MY time of the month. Get Mom some chips and salsa!"

eThib said...

The funniest thing ever said to me, however, was in a rundown coffee shop in New Orleans in 1994. I was sharing the counter with an old black man who sensed me as a kindred spirit and proceeded to bash the Republicans left and right. He finally said, with much fanfare "And you know Nixon had Kennedy killed because he knew the truth about Watergate."

Rik said...

ethib, I think we both know that the funniest thing either one of us has ever overheard was that night in Southie - "Well wattaya pissed at ME fer?!"

I'm LOL'ing just thinking about it!

eThib said...