Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You are all a bunch of perverts.

I'm always interested to see how people are finding my blog. Statcounter will list what they call "referring links", which basically tells me if someone came to my site from another link.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed a growing trend. I've suddenly started receiving over a dozen hits a day from people who did a google image search for one of two things:

"dancing girls"

As some of you may recall, I went to Amsterdam this past spring to hang out with some friends. When I did my Amsterdam recap , I posted a picture of some girls dancing on a bar as well as a picture of one of the aforementioned shops.

Now normally I'd be happy for any traffic that my humble little blog receives. But I'm not sure how I feel about getting hundreds of visits each week from people looking for pictures of dancing girls and such. It kind of creeps me out.


Ed Abbey said...

Statcounter if a very interesting tool. I quickly learned that by posting a blog with the word "nude" in it, I can increase blog traffic by almost fifty percent. Throw in the latest female celebrity flavor of the month and stats go through the roof. I am convinced that the world is full of perverts which confirms that the first two groups to exploit any new form of media are the porn and religious groups. So in an effort to boost traffic to your humble blog I tell everyone to check out the last one if you want to see...

RICK NUDE (or at least without pants).

Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

Oh true Rik! So many perverts in this world and they monopolize the net.

The most popular search word that hits my blog, never miss a day without this is: "Pinay Sex"


kitty said...

You should see what I find in MY stats! I've flagged several porn sites using blogger. It's a major blogger no-no. Why they're linking to me I'll never know.