Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kids really do learn fast.

There are fewer things in this world that I hate more than mosquitoes. I have an almost supernatural hatred of them. Being woken up in the middle of the night by a mosquito buzzing in my ear is surely one of Dante's levels of Hell. I am constantly getting on the wife about leaving the bedroom door closed because that's about the only way to keep them out of the room. But she leaves many other doors open during the day so there always mosquitoes in out house.

Whenever I see a mosquito in the house, I will hunt it down with reckless abandon. I cannot rest easy until I know that it is dead and thus will not be biting me in the future. So zealous am I in my hatred of these pesky insects and such is my immense joy at killing one in the house, that after doing so, I usually exclaim "Take that bitch! Yah!".

"Mosquito" was actually one of the first words that the X Man learned how to say, although he pronounces it "gee-to". He always looks so cute when he says "Gee-to!" and slaps himself on the arm. So imagine my surprise the other day when he clapped his hands together and yelled "Gee-to! Bish!".

Guess I have to watch what I say around the house from now on...


Ed Abbey said...

When I started reading your blog, my first thought was how long it would be before the X-man said the word bitch. You answered that question in the next paragraph.

My parents created what we called a "cuss" jar to fine my brother and I of our hard earned allowance should they catch us cussing. After about six months and nearly a hundred dollars put in mostly by my parents, a quarter at a time, they tired of our glee of catching them swearing and it disappeared one night.

kitty said...

I'd be more impressed if you were teaching him to swear in Italian, too :)