Monday, October 17, 2005

A new decanter and a big disappointment.

So Saturday night was one of the biggest college football games of the century. My beloved Notre Dame took on the hated USC Trojans. Nobody gave ND a chance to win but I had faith. We wetn shopping during the day and I bought myself a new decanter. Before the game I put it to good use by decanting a bottle of 1998 Bordeaux Superieur and letting it breath for about two hours:

The game came on at 9:30pm here so I wasa bit juiced up by the time it started:

USC scored first and things were looking bleak:

However, the Irish pulled even, then took the lead. They were outplaying the defending champion and undefeated Trojans well into the 4th quarter. An upset looked imminent. I could not control my emotions and even started feeling a bit cocky because I had told everyone from the beginning of the year that Notre Dame was going to do it:

Then disaster struck. Notre Dame had USC pinned deep in their own territory on 4th-and-freaking-nine. All they had to do was stop them and the upset of the century would have been a reality. But instead, Matt Leinart completes a 61 yard pass - on 4th and 9! - and USC scored the winning touchdown with a mere 3 seconds left in the game. I have not felt so disappointed since the ball went through Buckner's legs in '86. I was devastated:

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eThib said...

So devastated you took off your pants, apparently.