Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Weekend Wrapup

The weekend was very uneventful. Laundry Saturday morning, Soccer matches at Bar da Sylvia in the afternoon (England beat Wales, 1-0), Soccer match upstairs at Giampietro's Saturday night (Italy tied Scotland 1-1).

Sunday morning was spent up on the Brenta River in the mountains (caught 11 small brown trout), Sunday afternoon spent re-watching season 1 of "The Office" (British version), Sunday evening watching my beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish destroy Pitt in Charlie Weis' first game as head coach.

Monday morning, went to Bassano dal Grappa in the morning, then spent the rest of the day up in the mountains on the Brenta again.

It was an uneventful weekend, I took no pictures, and I'm too tired to write much more than that. The wife and kid come home on Thursday so I still have the daunting task of cleaning the house ahead of me.

Anyone know a good maid?



Wayne "CMON U SPURS" Saunders said...

I cant't beleive England only beat Wales 1-0, PATHETIC. Its good to see that USA qualified, they whopped Mexico's ass, and very unfortunate that Scotland didn't win.

Rik said...

Wayne - Yeah, seeing the US beat those dirty rotten Mexicans was gratifying.

Why the freak didn't Eriksson use Beckham on the crosses?! I'm starting to wonder about him.

And yes, Italy looked pathetic. I officially hate Christian Vieri now. Lazy piece of crap. Can't believe Milan signed him.

BTW, more qualfying matches tonight! Forza Italia!

Blog ho said...

i'll bet i did more loads of laundry than you. i did like...a million.