Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm Bitter.

I was so excited going into this past weekend. It was to be a huge weekend for me sportswise. Notre Dame was playing their first game at home after a huge upset of Michigan last week that propelled them to a number 10 ranking in the nation. The Patriots were playing the Carolina Panthers, a team they should have beaten easily. The Red Sox, who are involved in a heated pennant race with the hated Yankees, were at home for three games against the A's. And of course, AC Milan was playing Sampdoria.

Well, I'm sure you can guess what happened.

Notre Dame lost in overtime to Michigan St. and are now down to 16th. The Patriots lost to Carolina 27-17. The Red Sox got creamed by the A's, 12-3. I drove to work this morning feeling very bitter. And so it should have been no surprise when I stopped for a cafe on the way to work, checked the Gazetto dello Sport and saw that Milan was upset by Sampdoria 2-1. My weekend failure was complete.

So anyway, I'm very bitter today. I'll post the weekend highlights tomorrow when my bitterness over this disastrous weekend subsides a bit.


Ed Abbey said...

Serenity Now!

Guinnessgirl said...

I bet the Bar da Sylvia is looking pretty good right now...