Saturday, January 03, 2009

The X Man starts school on Wednesday.

Checked out the school yesterday and everything seems good so the X Man is scheduled to start at the Scuola Materna on Wednesday, January 7th. I have to admit that I am a bit nervous and worried about him because his Italian has not returned to him as quickly as I'd hoped since we've been back. But, like everyone keeps telling me, he is young and after a couple weeks of being immersed in it, he'll pick it up very quickly. I guess what worries me most is that he's always a bit shy and intimidated around other kids when he doesn't speak their language. That's the main reason why he never made any friends in Germany - he spent a lot of time at the playground but would always avoid the other kids because they were speaking German.

Anyway, I'm probably worrying for nothing. He needs to be in school and around kids his own age very badly and I'm sure that a few weeks from now he'll be fine. There are several kids in our neighborhood his age and they all go to the Scuola Materna so I'm he'll have plenty of friends his own age soon enough. Giampi is being a tremendous help to us so far as you would imagine. In a way, he seems more excited about it than anyone. The toughest part may be for the wife - she usually goes to bed after midnight and wakes up around late morning so having to wake up early to get the X Man to school by 0830 might end up killing her. Ah, the joys of being a parent...

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