Monday, January 26, 2009

Give the people what they want

I find myself, once a rut.

And so I ask you, my viewing public (such as you are), for your suggestions. What is it that you would like me to write about? Is there anything in particular that your loyal scribe can fill this space with that might tickle your e-fancy? If so, feel free to let me know. I will leave the suggestion box (aka the comment section) open for a few days to garner feedback after which time I will make the fateful decision on what I will write about for the immediate future. Hopefully this will lift me out of my literary rut.

So...what will it be? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Anonymous said...

How about the fads you remember from across the parachute pants, roller rinks, that earing you used to wear, candle-pin bowling (not really a fad, but still strange), etc...
ps. polka-dot boxer shorts were cool, not fadish!

Anonymous said...

...or how about the top ten most memorable experiences of your time spent with uncle steve-o? "margo!"

eric said...

Just off the top of my head.

-The wife's recipe's, specifically curry recipes.
-Funny stuff about the boy.
-Travel stories
-Interesting stories about the boy
-Italian cultural quirks
-Pictures of the boy
-Regular day-to-day stuff about living in Italy
-Your neighbors

Maybe a little less about what you eat. Italian food isn't that good, really.

My tribal thanks to you

Anonymous said...

i'm on-board with Eric and the italian cultural quirks. gino

Anonymous said...

How about more about the local area? The people? The boy's school etc..

eric said...

Also, less gay stuff.