Thursday, March 20, 2008


Here's a general update on all things us, for anyone who cares:

* Baby continues to be healthy and extremely active. The wife is still suffering from lack of sleep because the baby jabs, sticks and moves all night. And most of the day. I think he will probably arrive early, my prediction has been May 16 or 17. We're still no closer to picking a name.

* We are looking into putting the X Man into a German kindergarten. We're doing the paperwork now to figure out the cost but we're hoping to get him in there soon. The kid is really ready for school and he has no friends his own age so it'll be good for him.

* My new diet and lifestyle change is continuing to pay dividends. It was three weeks ago today that I was in the emergency room and as of this morning, I've lost 12 pounds, an average of 4 pounds a week. I'm fitting into clothes that I haven't worn in over 2 years and will probably have to buy a new wardrobe soon if I continue on this pace. My BP is doing better but is still high. I take it several times a day and it's averaging around 145/95. Lately the bottom number has been around to 90 which is encouraging. The only pills I've been taking are the water pills that make you pee a lot so that means I'm doing a good job of lowering it naturally.

* It's Easter weekend so I'm taking Friday and Monday off to relax and recharge a bit. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I'll be able to get out and do some hiking. It's been so cold and crappy out the past few weeks that I haven't gotten nearly as much exercise as I need to. Hard to believe I've dropped 12 pounds in three weeks by just changing my diet and taking walks a few times a week.

* I'm also looking at options for my Masters Degree which I hope to start sometime this year. My health scare has me contemplating the idea of a career change to something a little less stressful but it's easier said than done. Who knows what the future holds.

Not much else to tell. Our lives are pretty boring these days...

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