Sunday, March 23, 2008

New sideline feature.

Well, as you can tell my diet and exercise routine has been paying off considerably thus far, to the tune of 13 pounds in the past three weeks. I can't even begin to describe how much better I feel. I've gone down a full pants size and I'm rediscovering clothes in my closet that I'd forgotten about. The best part is that even at my heaviest weight, I still hit the weights regularly so in addition to the fat, I had also added some bulk in the form of muscle; now that I'm losing fat, the muscle is starting to show more and more, revealing some pretty good definition in my upper body. Despite this, I'm laying off the heavy weights right now and concentrating on cardio and fat loss. A lot of people are remarking to me that they can tell I've lost a lot of weight, mostly by my face which looks thinner.

So anyway, rather than keep writing updates on my progress, I've decided to chart my progress on the left side of the blog. When I first started, I set a goal of losing 20 pounds. But, since I'm already more than halfway there after three weeks, I've decided to be ambitious and shoot for a total loss of 25 pounds. If you wanna be a bear, might as well be a grizzly, right? Once I hit the magic number of 25 pounds lost, I should be right where I want to be and my blood pressure should come down right along with the weight. If 25 goes well, who knows, I may just decide to shoot for 30, but that's a long way away; right now 25 is the goal. Can't wait to get there.

In the meantime, I'm really enjoying getting my old body back...and so is the wife...HEY NOW!


Anonymous said...

You should include recent pictures to go along with the loss. It would be a good way to chart the progress as well...

Anonymous said...

i just upgraded to 38 pants; wife downloaded
the closet of all 34 and 36 pants; my boxers are huge; I had 6 Guinness and Veal w/ fried Zucchini on Sat Nite in Pittsburgh at the Pens/Devils game. I'm a whale....I hate you Rik.