Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

We went to our favorite Italian ristorante here in Heidelberg, La Vite's and it was unbelievably good. The wife had minestrone and the spaghetti frutti di mare (spaghetti and seafood) and I had the insalata di polpo (octopus salad) and agnello di ferrai (grilled lamb with garlic). For the wine I started with a valpolicella but when the lamb arrived I made a quick switch to the chianti and it was the perfect compliment...I've still got it baby.

After that we went to the Dubliner for trivia night and we cleaned up, taking first place by a whopping 5 points. In all the times I've been to trivia night the closest we've ever come to winning was finishing in second place by 2 points. Not only that but the team we beat play there every week and have won something like 30 times or something crazy like that.

Needless to say, it was a great night all around.

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Anonymous said...

HI Rik and Virginia,

Wow! You both look so wonderful in the Valentine's Day photo!

I loved the mokka story, so sad, if you would like me to mail you a new one, it's not a problem, just let me know.

Baci from Venezia..Theresa