Sunday, February 10, 2008


My mokka is alive! My wife, industrious person that she is, was able to somehow get the cover fixed and I'm currently sipping a deliciously bitter espresso as I type this. When I'm finished, I might even make another one.

I want to thank everyone who sent their best wishes and condolences. Next time you come visit, I will make you a coffee!


Anonymous said...

Viva La Mokka!

Anonymous said...

I'm heading to Dunkin' Donuts...want anything? Gino

stormblade said...

Your casual Mokka switching has me concerned. Do those Mokka not have feelings? Well - maybe not.


ethib said...

I've spent three weeks at your house and you didn't make me a cup of coffee once. All I ever got was a child's cup of some nasty bitter concoction.