Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The X Man is a southpaw.

All the Thibodeau men are lefties. My father is a leftie. My brother is a leftie. I'm a leftie. And now it appears that the X Man is also a leftie. We've been throwing around one of his toys and I noticed that he was throwing with his left hand so I watched carefully and sure enough, every throw was with his left hand. The wife says that while they were in the Philippines her parents kept saying that he was going to be a leftie so I guess they were right. However, the wife also tells me that when she's trying to teach him how to write he sometimes does it with his right hand so there is cause for concern. But all signs are pointing to him following in the footsteps of a lot of proud Thibodeau southpaws and this pleases me greatly. It means that if, by some miracle, he doesn't play pro soccer - perish the thought! - he can still have a bright future as a left handed pitcher for the Red Sox.

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