Sunday, June 10, 2007

The wife and kid return domani.

It's been a month and a half but it's honestly felt like a lot longer. I've quite enjoyed the time to myself - except, of course, the past 2 weeks where I was screwed into having to go to a planning conference in the US - but I'm a bit backed up and I'm so ready for them to come home. Virginia told me the other day that the X Man told her they need to come home because he misses daddy but I'm certain he only said that because she had been hammering it into his head for the past month or so. Regardless, I miss my little man and I cannot wait to see him.

One of Virginia's Filipina friends called me and offered to come help clean the house before she got back so I gladly took her up on the offer. BIG mistake. I swear to God, cleaning is like having sex to Filipinas; they just can't get enough. And I honestly think they enjoy cleaning more. She spent about an hour and a half on the bathroom alone. At one point I went in to check on her and found her in the shower, shoes and all, scrubbing the hell out of the floor with the water running (detachable shower head). I told her she was getting crazy but she just laughed and spent another 20 minutes in there. Then she spent another 45 minutes in the SMALL bathroom, which is basically a sink and a toilet. Anyway, I forced her down to the Bar d'Aix en Provence for some vino and Tapas then she had to take off for her night job stocking shelves at the commissary but she swore that she'd be here early tomorrow morning to finish cleaning (!). I asked her to come with me to pick up the wife and kid tomorrow so hopefully she'll relax a little bit. It'll be good for her, her and her husband are in the process of divorcing (he shit all over her) and I think she just wants to keep her mind occupied. The funny/sad thing is that she is 47 years old yet she looks like she's about 30. She is EXTREMELY beautiful and has an unbelievably big heart so I'm hoping that the right man comes along for her eventually. Whoever gets her will be the second luckiest man in the world, providing that he treats her right of course.

So anyway, the time away has been nice. The wife knows how much I love her and the X Man and thankfully she understands that I sometimes need some time to myself. I suppose it's probably a blessing sometimes that her family lives so far away and we have to send her and the X Man away for so long to visit them. She said she gets bored after a few days and I can totally relate as I'm the same way whenever I have to go back to NH but the difference is that I go back to New Hampshire whereas she goes back to the Philippines where she is less than an hour away from some the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sometimes I think she'd rather sit in her parents' house and be miserable than go out and enjoy the stuff back home, lol. But I digress. Regardless, it is going to be GREAT to see them domani (tomorrow).

Anyway, in case I forget to mention it, somebody please remind me to blog about what happened in the Border's bookstore before I left...


Ara said...

Oh,V and Xavier are back? Time flies! Enjoy and savour the reunion.

Rik said...

I have been Ara...I have been...:)