Friday, June 15, 2007

Gino, you SUCK!

Gino Martin fancies himself a baseball fan but he has absolutely no comprehension of the the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry (read; war). A few weeks ago the Red Sox were on fire while the Yankees were losing every game prompting the lesser informed fans to claim that the Yankees were dead and buried. However those of us who knew better (read; Red Sox fans) would refuse to bury the Yankees because we knew better. We had lived through 1978 and we knew that to bury the Yankees before September was folly.

So imagine my disgust when Gino Martin, who normally has his finger on the pulse of MLB, declared a few weeks ago that the Yankees were dead and buried and had no chance. To make it worse, when I tried to explain to him that the Sox' 13.5 game lead in early June meant nothing he made fun of me. When the Yankees went on the winning streak that I had long been predicting and starting cutting the lead down to single digits and I told Gino that my prediction was starting to come to fruition, he had the nerve to call me a whiner. His reply was some thing to the effect that he predicted the Yankees would not make the playoffs and that he "[DID] NOT WAVER".

So now the Yankees have won 9 (NINE!) straight games while the Red Sox have been floundering and the lead is down to seven and a half games. And we're still in June. I have faith in my beloved Red Sox but I also have been through enough heartbreak at the hands of the hated "Yank-me's" that I know that nothing is guaranteed. To people like Gino, it's laughable. They haven't lived through 1978, 1999, 2003, the Boston Massacre of 2006 and all the years of playing second fiddle to the Yankees. They'll never understand and that's why nobody could possibly understand the joy that we felt in 2004 after coming back from 3 games to none to defeat the Yankees. That was our World Series. The inferiority complex that Red Sox fans feel in relation to the Yankees is inexplicable. It defies explanation. It started when Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth - along with the deed to Fenway Park - to the New York Yankees, and nothing, not even 2004, has erased the pain of the Yankees' domination since. 2004 gave us a nice respite but we've got about 25 championships to go before we can finally start to feel a little SCREW YOU GINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Grant said...


This comes from a fellow Red Sox fan as well as a co-worker of Geno's. You can not imagine how proud he is that he caused this dramatic turn around. For what it is worth Geno's inter-office fantasy team has taken a turn for the worse due to his poor managerial skills. He must have made some premature predictions about them.