Sunday, March 11, 2007

The X Man says the Darndest Things.

I can't even count the number of times the X Man has said something that just makes me laugh out loud. This kid has a penchant for saying the funniest things that leave you wondering "where the heck did he learn that?!". Well, yesterday was one of those times. For those of you who aren't familiar with the way television works overseas, AFN - Armed Forces Network - are not allowed to show commercials overseas. In lieu of this we receive all kinds of public service announcements and cheesy home made commercials telling us not to smoke, not to gamble, stuff like that. One of the cheesiest ones is about suicide prevention. It features a bunch of soldiers talking about looking for signs that your buddy might be suicidal and the worst (and funniest) moment is during the "dramatization" of what you're supposed to do; one dude walks over to his buddy who is sitting down with his head in his hands and asks him, in a very monotone, robot-like voice "Are you thinking about suicide?"

So yesterday we're getting ready to go out for a walk, I'm sitting on the bench putting my shoes on and the X Man walks up to me with his juice in his hands and out of the blue says "Are you thinking about suicide?".

Man, I gotta start marketing this kid...


eThib said...

LOL. Now I've got a funny story to tell.

Anonymous said...

You owe me a new computer monitor and keyboard...because I just spit beer all over mine when I burst out with laughter! That X is so funny. Tell him I say hello.
Uncle Steve-O.

Michael said...

Man i miss that kid!

I trust everything's doing well in camp Thib?