Monday, March 19, 2007

Top 10 Foods my Wife Makes

She's unbelievable in the kitchen. She can make just about anything but here are my 10 favorite dishes that she makes, in no particular order:

1. Sweet potato chicken curry. I'm a curry fanatic so anything with curry I will love. This dish has sweet potatoes, chicken, carrots, green peppers and sometimes some other vegetables, all in a yellow curry sauce. She serves it over basmati rice.

2. Mahi Mahi. She pan fries it and uses some kind of balsamic vinegar marinade with black pepper and garlic.

3. Mediterranean Chicken. One of her signature dishes. She uses a whole chicken and serves it on couscous mixed with chick peas, lima beans, green and black olives, and some kind of light tangy sauce.

4. Teriyaki chicken thighs. Nothing special but unbelievably tasty. She marinates the chicken thighs in some kind of teriyaki sauce.

5. Seafood pasta. She doesn't make this much anymore because it's nearly impossible to get good seafood here but when we were in Italy she made it often. She used an Italian tomato and olive based sauce and put in some extra green and black olives.

6. Flank Steak. She prepares it a few different ways but I think my favorite is when she cuts it in strips and marinates it in balsamic vinegar. Always tender and juicy and delicious.

7. Chinese. Not surprising since she spent all of her adult life in Hong Kong and one of her main jobs was cooking. She makes a variety of noodle and rice dishes with vegetables, chicken, beef, pork and shrimp that are as good as any Chinese restaurant I've ever eaten at.

8. Salmon steak. She marinates it with some kind of mustard, garlic, lemon sauce then pan fries it.

9. Thai soup. She's really good at making pretty much any kind of Asian food. She makes a really good Thai soup with tom yum paste, mushroom, green pepper, shrimp (or chicken) and cabbage and she makes it really spicy.

10. Adobo - ribs or chicken. Adobo is the main dish from the Philippines and is delicious. Her ribs are so tender that the meat just slides right off the bone. Her chicken adobo is one of the few dishes that the X Man asks for by name. For the adobo she uses soy sauce, black pepper, garlic, shallots, basil, vinegar and a little bit of sugar.

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