Saturday, March 17, 2007

Virginia and the X Man are going to the Philippines

We've decided to send Virginia and the X Man back home to visit her family. It will be great for her to be able to spend some time with them and for her family to be able to spend time with the X Man who they miss so much. While we absolutely love living in Europe, it does suck that our parents are not able to see the X Man as much as they'd like to so any opportunity to get together with them is great.

Anyway, they will be leaving April 24th and returning June 11 so they'll have a good month and a half to get reacquainted with Lola and Lolo. As for me, I have to work so I'll remain here, living on sandwiches and watching a lot of porn. Ha ha, just kidding...I'll be eating more than sandwiches.


Cielo said...

Hey Rik!
Maybe you should spend a weekend with us! We'd love to have you. Take care. Bill and Cielo

eThib said...

Why don't you get the kid some work doing commercials? LOL.

Paul said...


PaulieG here. I am living and working in the Philippines right now!!

Send me an e-mail and lets talk.

The X-Man is getting huge!! Give Virgina some hugs and kisses from me and my family.

Talk to you soon.


Rik said...

Paul! I don't have your email, send me a message at!