Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sad. Just...Sad.

As you may know, recently Coretta Scotta King, widow of Martin Luthor King, passed away. She was a tireless champion of civil rights, continuing the fight of her late husband. In fact, the flag on the base I work at was lowered to half-staff in her honor. In case you didn't know, only the President of the United States can order such an action.

Fast forward to her memorial service yesterday. It was billed as a celebration of her life and all she accomplished. Unfortunately, a few individuals decided to take it in another direction and turn it into a "bash George Bush" party.

Listen, I don't care how anyone feels personally about GWB as a President. I don't care how anyone feels about the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. I don't care if anyone feels that Hurricane Katrina was GWB's fault. This was supposed to be a memorial service for a great American who dedicated her life to equality not only in the US, but around the world. Those despicable individuals who turned it into a divisive political event sullied her - and her husband's - memory.

There is a time and a place for political debate and rhetoric. This was not it. The President of the US attended the ceremony out of respect for CSK. The offending individuals showed none to either him OR CSK. As I read the transcript, I just bowed my head in disgust. I don't care what political party a President represents, this was just disgusting.

I make it a point to never get political on my blog but this is not about politics in my opinion, it is about decorum, manners, and tact.

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Ed Abbey said...

It was a very sad affair and I was embarrased for the King family. It sounded more like the week before a presidential election.