Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Caldogno is weeping.

Our little town of Caldogno is sharing in the grief of our impending exit from Italy. We've been making the usual rounds since I found out that I didn't get hired for my position here and as I inform people that we're leaving soon, the news is inevitably met with disbelief, shock and sorrow.

As expected, the worst so far has been Giampietro. He's devastated at the thought of losing the X Man who has become his best buddy. He's having almost as hard a time with the news as I am. Every time he opens his mouth, all that manages to come out is "Porco Cane", which is an Italian slang expression conveying great woe over some very bad happening. Agnese is distraught as well but hasn't shown it as much as Giampi. She cried last year when the X Man was away for two months so she's really going to have a hard time when we leave.

Fausto, my Italian fishing buddy, is also taking the news very badly. He actually refuses to accept it. In fact, he has promised to go Padova and pray to Saint Anthony several times a week that we won't have to leave. He tells me that St. Anthony saved his life from drowning several years ago and guarantees me that we're not going anywhere as long as he prays to him. And in case you're still not convinced at how much Fausto and his wife want us to stay, his wife Zora - who is a Muslim born in Algeria - goes to the church in Padova and prays to St Anthony as well for us to stay. She has gotten so attached to the X Man that she can't stand the thought of him leaving.

This past weekend we made our usual trip to Bar da Sylvia for some vino and panini and Sylvia took the news pretty hard as well. The X Man recently started warming up to her and actually spent the entire time on her lap while she worked on her laptop. It was cute, every so often he would look across the bar at our table, wave, and say "Hi buddy!", then go back to playing with Sylvia. Elisa at the Sports Bar was not much happier. The X Man really has become a celebrity around town. Everywhere we go everyone knows him and gives him free candy and toys. Next to Roberto Baggio, he's probably the most famous person in Caldogno!

The fallout continues...


Ed Abbey said...

What's the good word on the Hawaii job?

Anonymous said...

no f*n way...what about the will, bob hookup? what do they have to say for themselves?

mark s

Rik said...

ED, haven't heard anything on the Hawaii job yet. However, with moving costs and plane tickets, etc, I'm not sure I can afford to take it. We'll see.

Ed Abbey said...

Maybe they will give you some sort of travel allowance. Good luck dude!

kitty said...

Terribly sorry to hear about losing your job in Italy.

Hawaii would be a big change. My late uncle lived there from about 1954 'til his death in 2003. He was a retired Lt.Com. in the Navy and vowed he'd never return to upstate NY because of the winters.

There is not much of a middle class in Hawaii -- either rich or poor -- and the cost of living is high. However, its beauty is breathtaking and the people are very friendly.