Monday, March 28, 2005

Flotsum and Jetsam

* Spent all night - and I mean all night - puking on Thursday, called in sick on Friday and today is the first day that I feel 100%. Apparently, there's a bug going around here and many others are suffering the same fate. Pray that you don't get it, it was one of the WORST experiences I've ever gone through.

* I caught the first half of the Italy - Scotland World Cup qualifier on Saturday and that's the best that Italy has looked in a long time. I like the new Cassano-Gilardino-Totti triangle, but I think Andrea Pirlo might turn out to be the best of the bunch.

* I bought the new "Daft Punk" CD today during lunch. At first listen, it sounds similar to most of the others so I don't think I'll be disappointed.

* WHEN is the next Seinfeld DVD coming out?! It'd better hurry up or I might start convulsing. I've been wearing the 3rd season out and I NEED season 4! Luckily I have Curb Your Enthusiasm to pacify me somewhat. Speaking of which, the "Krazee Eyes Killa" episode has got to be one of the funniest of the whole series...

* Today is the day I start doing my cardio work in hopes of losing the 10 pounds I've put on in the last year. Most people tell me that 10 pounds is nothing for me, but when you consider what I used to look like just 3 short years ago, it's pretty significant, at least to me. The weights have been going ok, but the cardio will suck. Virginia is trying to get me to do Pilates, but I don't know, it seems kind of girly to me.

* You know what word I love? Caveat. I try to sneak it into a conversation whenever I can.

* Best quote I've heard lately: "Dreams and real life are actually the same book; real life is when you read the whole thing in order and dreams are when you just skim through".

* The X Man has a new thing that is driving Virginia crazy - he loves to go into our room, open the bottom dresser drawer, and take out all her underwear. He'll walk around the house holding a couple pairs and the rest will be piled on the bedroom floor. Strange child.

* The smallest check I ever wrote was for $1.25. I was in college and had the munchies but had no cash. So I broke out the checkbook and wrote a personal check for a thing of Ben & Jerry's "Chunky Monkey".

* The other day someone asked me the age old question, "if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?". Now as a certified "guy", I know I'm not supposed to answer such asinine questions, but if I could I guess I'd make myself a little taller. 5'8 is average, but I'd love to be 6 feet tall.

* I've been thinking about getting some new ink lately, but I think the two small tats I have now will probably be it. I'd like to get an "X" somewhere in honor of the X Man, but if we have more kids, that means more ink. Next thing you know, I'll be looking like Henry Rollins. Not that there's anything wrong with that...


Ed Abbey said...

Be careful what you wish for. At 6'2", here are some observations.

1. You need a tough forehead when you keep hitting it on everything.
2. You need patience because you are always getting up from whatever you are doing to "reach" for something someone else wants but can't reach. Every holiday I replace lightbulbs at my parents so they don't have to drag the ladder up from the basement.
3. You have to constantly answer the question, "Did you play basketball?"
4. Beds never seem to fit all of you.
5. Leg room is a major consideration when buying a car.
6. You have wanted to punch out the guy in front of you in the airplane because he wants to recline and keeps pushing on his seat harder not realizing that your knees are what is holding up his seat.
7. Being tall means big feet. When ordering a pair of boots online, the manufacturer actually called me back asking if my feet were actually that long and narrow.

The one advantage: In a crowd, I can look over everybody and spot where I want to go. However, in the Philippines, I feel like a giant and more like a circus attraction.

Rik said...

Ed - As you say, being tall means big feet...

Anonymous said...

Do you really NEED the Seinfeld? Will you die?.....I just love that little godson of mine!!!!........

Rik said...

HEN! Holy crap! I can't believe it's really you - thanks for commenting, it's so good to hear from you!
BTW, yes, I do really NEED the Seinfeld! In the US you guys can catch it 157 times a day in reruns. We don't have that here. Instead, I have to wait months for each season, so you don't know how good you've got it. On the other hand - we went to Venice last weekend, what did you guys do? Ha Ha, sorry, couldn't resist...

So I guess I owe you guys an email soon. Send me your correct email again, I think I have the wrong one for both of you guys.

Best to the fam, miss you all, talk to you soon,


Gia said...

Rik - the stomach flu would have saved you the trouble, my DH lost a total of 25 pounds in the 5 months he´s been in Yu-roop. Must be the olive oil. He had it again during the Holy week so that mean another 3 to 5 lb. He does however like to see 2digit numbers for his weight (Kilos).
With him sick, and not being able to go anywhere, i had a chance to redo my site (yet again)

We get sienfeld here, and I thought Spanish TV (cable included) was really bad. They are currently promoting the revival of Mak-gi-ber (McGyver).

One thing I will surely miss when I leave is the option to view the shows in several languages, though i have it when dubbed, atleast i have the choice not to watch it.