Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's funny memory Wednesday

When I was in junior high me and my friends were typical perverted juvenile pranksters. One of our better pranks involved a girl in our class named Josee. Josee was going out with a guy in another class named Denis and, as many kids do in junior high, was fond of writing "Josee loves Denis" on all of her books, her desk and anywhere else she could. I'd never seen anyone spell Denis with only one "n" before and it was unfortunate for both he and Josee that he did because everywhere my friends and I came across a piece of "Josee loves Denis" graffiti - her books, her desk, wherever - we added a little line to the bottom of the "D" so that "Josee loves Denis" instantly became "Josee loves Penis". It was one of our finest moments.

Strangely enough Josee was not amused...

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