Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What to do with the X Man?

Something is wrong with the X Man. Exactly what, we're not quite sure. He's been on antibiotics twice since January for ear infections which seem to have subsided. He's always had a weak stomach and pukes easily but lately it seems to be getting worse. The past couple weeks he's also developed diarrhea. At first I figured it must be a side effect of the antibiotics but he stopped taking those almopst a week ago and still has the shits. He has always been a fussy eater and underweight but lately he has gotten much worse in the this regard and coupled with the diarrhea, he's losing weight when he should be gaining. Not only that but he has been puking a lot lately. This makes it difficult because we can't force him to eat all of his meal for fear that he will inevitably puke it right up. He takes two bites and then complains that he's full or that his tummy hurts. It's extremely annoying. He still has plenty of energy though and he isn't displaying any signs of the flu or any other major illness, which is encouraging. I kind of suspect that he's caught some kind of virus or bug from one of the other kids at school - I don't think it's any coincidence that his health problems started right after he started going to school.

Anyway, he's got a doctor's appointment on Thursday so hopefully we'll know what - if anything - is wrong with him.


Anonymous said...

Get better Xman. Uncle Steve-O is thinking of you buddy!

Jane Santaw said...

Hope X-man gets better.

Has he ever taken an allergy test? Thought maybe he may be allergic to something he's eating...that's how we found out Christian was allergic to milk when he was still a baby. He kept vomiting, no other symptons but that.