Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Moc Quote Board, Part 2

“Do you think we can get G2 to provide updates on Anna Nicole Smith during the brief?”

“He's bent over MSG Winslow’s desk…”

“It’s not so much the knob that’s missing, it’s the shaft.”

“Can I have a long one this time?”

“Don’t worry Sir, I’m already spanking myself”

“You can take your stick and jam it in there hard…”

“I’m doing the band right now”

“And trust me, he’s a master-baiter”

“Hey what’s in those sensitive items containers, sensitive items, right?”

“She'd better be nice to ME… or I’ll break her off something proper…”

“It’s really good…it’s got big nuts.”

“You pack fudge…you pound sand.”

“Why do I have the sudden urge to sing ‘Ebony and Ivory’?”

“Jimmy’s a furniture mover…moving his chest into his drawers”

“One of these days, your ass is mine buddy…”

“I’m telling you, if I ever go gay, I’m gonna open a bar and call it the ‘Fisty Goat’”

“I know, that’s why we’re going to embarrass him in a public forum!”

“Casio makes a good CD player…for 13 year old girls…”

“Jack, Jack, he’s our man, if he can’t do it, f**k it.”

Person A: “See, we took the brain trust from 21st TSC and brought it here…”
Person B: “Yeah and the IQ in both places went down!”

“Is your CAC in there?”

“Don’t touch my Monster…”

Person A: “They got this underground bar that goes on for miles, it’s awesome…”
Person B: “No Jack, that’s the subway.”

“I’m going to make Yarbro cry if he ever puts his hands on my Monster again.”

“He's probably the only person who has to take leave to get a haircut…”

“Hey Otto, show CPT Schonauer your peanuts!”

“Otto, did you stick it in yet?!”

“She got the biggest one”

Person A: “It’s the toughest stage of the Tour de France…”
Person B: “What, the drug-free stage?”

Person A: “Remember, you can’t spell “Reggae” without ‘Gay’”
Person B: “Or ‘Ray’…”

“It’s national ‘Love Your Pole’ day!”

“He’s the little Undercover Brother!”

“Hey Mr. Perez…I got your pants…and I got the peanut butter”

“It’s a special relationship until they decide to pull out”

“I got the head at home”

“No, I told her I was gonna do her”

“Well, you know you gotta stay on top of him.”

“What, you guys don’t wash your meat?”

“The thing I hate the most about Texas is Ft. Lauderdale.”

“I let the dude do me”

“Everyday for the last month, Otto’s had a foot long…”

“They’ve been massaging that unit for almost two weeks now”

Person A: “I want to see you put that whole thing in your mouth”
Person B: “I wish”

Person A: “Can you drink a gallon of protein in an hour?”
Person B: “Can you provide a gallon of protein in an hour?”

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Anonymous said...

That is the funniest thing I've read in a long while. It makes me all weepy and nostalgic for active duty again...