Friday, July 25, 2008

A day in the life of Rik and Gino

GINO: The talk about corona makes me remember a time I was with my detachment in Honduras. We drank Cerveza Nacional that looked exactly like the corona bottle. (they are now out of business). Anyway, it was returnable bottles of course and the local distributors would take back the bottles, sterilize them and refill. So one day at lunch I'm drinking my beer and there's a huge black spider floating inside the bottle. He must be 1/2 inch in diameter and he's completely intact and just sort of hovering right behind the Nacional logo. I'm debating whether to finish it or not and my commo sergeant goes "Jefe, we've got to bottle plastic spiders inside of the beer and import kids would buy those like crazy" I told him he was nuts, dumped out the beer and grabbed another one...two years later everybody in the effing world is sticking lime slices in cheap ass mexican Corona beer. I think I missed making my million dollars on that one.

ME: Yeah, because plastic spiders are the same as limes...

GINO: Jerk.

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