Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 Things I miss about living in the US

1. The Boston Globe sports section

2. Barnes and Noble

3. Watching a movie when it first comes out in the theater

4. Fenway Park

5. Customer service

6. Commercials

7. Pizza delivery

8. Buying something - anything - at 3 AM

9. 157 Channels

10. Batting cages


Anonymous said...

11. Steve-O

Anonymous said...

12. Dunk 'N' Donut coffee
13. fly fishing


eric said...

You forgot to put Fenway Park on there a second time.

Anonymous said...

14. the penny


Anonymous said...

I tried but I can't think of anything.


Anonymous said...

15. Cheaper gas...ooops, nope. Not anymore!


Anonymous said...

16. Samuel Adams available everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Cheaper gas! I do miss that!

You'll be paying more than 8 bucks a gal over here…yikes.

Welcome to Germany! See you a the Weinfest in Septemeber!

Once you settle into the DFS I'll be expecting a tour!


Anonymous said...

15. the Stryper re-union tour.