Friday, July 13, 2007

Off to Italy

Early tomorrow morning (Saturday) we will be hitting the Autobahn on our way down to Italy for a week of vino, pizza, seafood, sun, and all around Italianery. First we're headed to Caldogno to visit Giampi and Agnese and some other friends. Then Giampi and Agnese will watch the X Man for a few days while the wife and I go down to Cinque Terra to do some hiking and stuff ourselves full of seafood and other assorted Italian sundries. Then probably a day or two in Venezia and maybe Bassano dal Grappa before heading back to Germania, stopping in Negrar on the way home to restock the wine cellar.

I need this vacation more than I have ever needed one before. I'm exceedingly burned out lately my batteries are in serious need of recharging. Italia is just what the doctor ordered.

Pictures will be forthcoming upon our return.

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Hey Tibby! Its Jeffries give me a shot at!