Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm losing weight.

For those who care, as of this morning I am officially down 20 pounds since last summer. I've still got about 15-20 more to go but I am kicking ass. I feel great and am starting to look a bit like my old self again. When the wife gets home in June she ain't gonna be able to keep her hands off me...


kitty said...

I'm so glad you're still blogging! Losing weight, too? What, y'don't like the German food? My husband loved German food!


Paul said...

Big (but getting smaller) Rik,

I too have shed a few pounds since arriving here in the Philippines. Like you I have started losing even more and getting into better shape as well.

All it takes is a decision and some follow through.

So far I have lost about 20 pounds and need to lose about 20-30 more to be good. But, I do not intend to stop with just weight loss, I am thinking that I need to work out and get more muscle and less fat.

Keep up the good work. We can exchnage pics of the pants the no longer fit!