Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm here.

For those who were wondering, I made it to St. Louis safely yesterday after a long boring flight. Arrived to my hotel last night around 9:30pm and, as it was about 4am to me, went to sleep. I'm actually staying in a Drury Inn in Fairview Heights and this place is impressive. Free internet in the rooms, free hot breakfast, free hour of long distance calling per day, free use of the workout room, free whirpool/spa, free soft drinks and popcorn in the lobby daily, free cable (including HBO! Sopranos baby!) in the rooms, and one of the coolest things - they have a free happy hour reception in the lobby every evening from 5:30 - 7pm where you are allowed three free alcoholic beverages. Most likely I'll be working until about 7 every night so I doubt I'll get to take advantage of the last one but it's still pretty cool. The Drury Inn definitely has game.

The flight sucked of course and reminded me of why I absolutely hate flying, especially on Iternational flights. But more about that later. It's still kind of weird being in the US. I think I've been in Europe so long that coming to the States feels almost like coming to a foreign country sometimes. It takes a little getting used to. I only wish I wouldn't be working so much so I could have time to enjoy it a little more.

By the way, the Red Sox won again and the Yank-me's lost...14.5 games up and it's not even June...I'm giddy!

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