Tuesday, November 29, 2005

LTC Kurilla

In case you haven't heard, Bruce Willis is planning on making a film about the war in Iraq. The unit he intends on depicting is the 1st Batallion, 24th Infantry - otherwise known as "Deuce Four". The role that Mr. Willis plans on playing is none other than LTC Erik Kurilla, the Batallion Commander.

I actually have some ties to LTC Kurilla. A few years ago as a Sergeant in the Soutern European Task Force, I worked for him as his JOPES NCO. I remember him as a larger than life figure, someone who was obviously being groomed for greatness. He wasn't liked by everybody (and you know who you are!), but believe me, he is the kind of man we want leading our soldiers in battle, as evidenced by his actions in Iraq. About a year after he left, he called back down to Italy and asked if I would be interested in working for him again as the US Army Europe Commander's communications chief but I told him I was happy in Italy. I always wonder how different things would have turned out if I'd taken him up on his offer.

Anyway, I'll definitely see the film as soon as it comes out. To read more about the movie and LTC Kurilla, check out these links:

News Release About the Film

Micheal Yon "Deuce Four" blog (Scroll down to see LTC Kurilla)

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