Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Veterans Day

Today is Veteran's Day, the day where we pay our respects to all the past and present veterans of the US armed forces. I have the upmost respect for anyone who has raised their hand and wore the uniform. Without them, we would not enjoy the freedoms we do today.

One of the greatest honors in my life was when I was able to participate in a Memorial Day ceremony at the American Cemetary outside of Florence, Italy. American and Italian vets and civilians alike turned out to pay their respects. It was a great honor to be able to play a part in that:

As many of you know, I finished my time in the military last year. If you'd like to see some pictures of me when I was still in the Army, Click Here

If you live in the US, remember to thank a vet for their service.


kitty said...

Thank you, Rik!

Boston Girl said...

Happy Veterans Day!
I am going to Mass tomorrow. Woo hoo.
Counting the seconds...