Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More from 1989: The Time Mike Sold me Down the River.

So senior year I'm working at the video store. Often my friends would call and tell me to grab a movie and come over after work. One Sunday, my best friend Mike calls me up and says his parents will be at church for the whole night and suggests that I bring a porno over. The video store had the movies categorized and color coded - anything with a yellow dot on it meant "Adult" so before I left for the night I quickly grabbed the first yellow stickered movie I could and my friend Troy and I headed over to Mike's. Mike decides to hook up dual VCRs and tapes the entire movie while we watch it. I open the case and the name of the movie is "Blonde Heat: The Case of the Maltese Dildo" (By this time, I was fully aware of what a dildo was, I can assure you). We watched the entire movie (with pillows on our laps of course...), we go home and the next day I slipped the movie back in it's place with nobody noticing.

Back in those days I spent more time at Mike's house than at my own as I was practically part of the family. I even called his parents mom and dad. So one morning several months later I was sitting at their kitchen table having coffee and Mike's mother asks me if I've seen any good movies lately. Seemed like a strange question from her but I said no without looking up from the sports page. She continues with the movie theme saying stuff like "Hmm...well, we've seen some good movies lately" and "In fact we saw a really good movie the other night...". It didn't take long for me to realize what she was talking about even though it had been several months since that night so I looked at Mike and he nodded. I then received a lecture from Mike's mom about how serial killer Ted Bundy, after he was caught, talked about how he was addicted to porn as a youngster and how it had warped his mind, yada yada yada. But as I'm listening to her, I couldn't help wondering how she knew that I was there? The only way they could have known is if Mike told her and surely my best friend wouldn't do that, would he?

Well here's what had happened. After taping the movie, Mike had hidden the tape up in the ceiling of his room, which was in the basement, and forgotten all about it. Several months later there was a big storm which knocked out the cable to his sister's room. His sister's room happened to be right above his so when his father went to fix it, he had to go in through Mike's ceiling and of course in doing so he finds this video. This seemed strange to him so he went to the VCR and popped it in and after seeing it called his wife down and Mike was nailed. They confronted Mike about it and apparently the conversation went like this:

Mike's Mom: Where did you get this trash? Did RIK get this for you?!

Mike: YES!

And there you have it. No attempt whatsoever to protect me, just gave me right up. I asked him about it afterwards and he said he was sorry but he had panicked and didn't know what to say. We still laugh about it to this day of course and to be honest I even found it funny back then when it first happened. But I've never let Mike forget about the time in 1989 when my best friend sold me down the river...

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Jenn said...

I hear this story all the time! Still to this day.......... ;-)