Friday, April 03, 2009

20 Things I miss about Heidelberg

1. The Dubliner

2. Hiking the Heiligenberg

3. The salads at Medoc

4. The pletora of sushi joints

5. Walking up and down the Hauptstrasse

6. Eating panini in the biergarten at Hemingways

7. Sitting in the Marktplace next to the big church

8. Flammkuchen at the Villa Lounge

9. Chinese food at the Shanghai

10. The view from the Philosophenweg

11. Tannen Zapfel Pils

12. Quiz Night

13. Doner kebaps from Cedars

14. The Indian Plalace

15. Thai Food from the Chang Mai

16. 103 different kinds of schnitzel at the Schnitzelhaus

17. Tapas at the Bar d'Aix en Provence

18. The Herbstfest

19. STEVE-O!

20. Huge dinner parties at our house


Anonymous said...

I miss you too, Rik (and V, X & L)! I wish you were still here, but I know you are in a better place now. Sheesh...sounds like a funeral! Talk to you soon.

Paul and Nicole said...

Is there not a pub quiz where you are now? Start your own!